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Coaching ringette is a rewarding experience. ┬áDuring the course of the season, we will add information to this section to help all coaches – new, prospective or veteran!

For information about coaching requirements, please visit Ringette Alberta’s Website:

For more coaching resources, please visit Ringette Canada’s Website:

Sherwood Park Ringette’s Equipment Deposit Policy

Coaching Clinics

Coaching Clinic Information and Registration

For additional information, please contact the Director of Coach Development.

Coaching Tools

Ringette Canada has revised their Ringette Canada Coaching Website … take a look!
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Please note that our very own Lorrie Horne had a direct contribution and input into the development of the practice plans that have now been released nationally.

Download Practice Plans

U9 Practice Plans U10 Practice Plans
U12 Practice Plans U14 Practice Plans
U16 & U19 Drills

Ringette Canada has also developed and released the ABC Program for Ringette.


The Ringette ABC program was developed using Baseball Canada’s Rally Cap Program in addition to existing ringette initiation programs as benchmarks, and by adding new ideas in order to create increased interest for participants.

The ABC content can be downloaded/accessed here.