2019-2020 Player Registration Fees

Birth Year  Division Fundraising Fee + Fees
Active Start 1 $150 + $200 = $350
Active Start 2 $150 + $400 = $550
U10 – Step 1, 2, 3 $150 + $700 = $850
U12 A, B, C $150 + $750 = $900
U14 AA, A, B, C (*) $150 + $775 = $925
U16 AA, A, B, C (*) $150 + $775 = $925
U19 AA, A, B (*) $150 + $775 = $925
2001 and older OPEN $475

(* Number of teams in each division will be determined based on number of players enrolled. The division that each team will be placed (A, B, C) will be determined at time of team selection.)

Fundraising Fee

Raffle tickets will be distributed in October.
You will have an opportunity to recoup you fundraising fee by selling your raffle tickets.

U10 – U19

Shinny for all divisions will begin September Long Weekend. Evaluations will begin week of September 3rd. (See AA program information for tryout dates as they will start earlier.)

Active Start 1 (once a week)

October – March, Saturdays at Broadmoor Arena

Active Start 2 (twice a week)

October – March
Saturdays mornings at Broadmoor Arena
Monday evenings at Broadmoor Arena

Refund Policy

Players who register with SPRA and subsequently withdraw prior to the formation of teams will be eligible for a partial refund of their registration fees. Only written requests addressed to the Treasurer and the Registrar are accepted, the date the letter is received will be used in calculating the amount to be refunded. Refunds prior to Sept 1st are subject to a $50 administration fee. A $150 administration charge will be withheld from refunds requested from the start of evaluations up to when teams are formed. The registration fee is non-refundable once a player has been placed or selected to a team.

Player Requests

Please review the following documents regarding the request for players to be placed on a specific team or paired with another player:

Equipment List

Here is a list of player equipment to assist you.

  • CSA Approved Helmet & Ringette Certified Facemask
  • BNQ Approved Neck Protector
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Ringette / Hockey Gloves
  • Hip / Tailbone / Genital Protection
  • Shin Guards / Knee Protection
  • Hockey / Ringette Skates (no picks allowed)
  • Practice Jersey
  • SPRA Ringette Pants – required to be worn at all games and tournaments
  • Generic Ringette Pants – required to be worn at all practices. SPRA Ringette Pants not recommended
  • Certified Ringette Stick

RECOMMENDED Equipment: All players – mouth guard


Goalie Equipment (at most Divisions): Is provided for by the Association (pads, blocker, catcher, gel glove, body armour, goalie stick)


Evaluation Information

Ringette Alberta UAA Evluation Drills – How To Video


SPRA Parent Handbook